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Size Guide

 General Clothing Size Chart

FURS Size Chart

The above is a general size guide. Sizes do vary depending on the garment so please read each products description for a more detailed fit guide. We also post try-on videos on Instagram @sassyshortyb and @triceboutique in stories every Tuesday and Thursday. These try-on videos are also saved in @sassyshortyb highlights. If you have any questions regarding size please DM us.

Model @sassyshortyb is in most of our photos and she is 5 feet tall, 27 inch waist, 38 inch hips, 34A inch chest and weighs 124lbs and most of the time wears a size small. If not a small them a medium and it will be noted on each product description.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To ensure the integrity of our products it is suggested to clean all products via machine wash cold and hang dry unless the care label on the garment says otherwise.

*Color of items may be off a little due to different lighting*